A Little Miami Getaway for WIZO

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in Miami’s WIZO Art Auction, which took me to Miami for a couple days. I hope you enjoy all the visuals from my trip.

The first two images are my Globe submission for WIZO Art Auction. Very happy that it found a proud owner, and helped raise money for WIZO.

Finding Your Heart Through Art

I was once asked, “Is it possible to create Art without heart?”

In which I replied, “Well yes, but it would be very debatable if that was indeed, good art.”

When you are an artist, like me, there is little possibility that I am creating Art without my whole heart. When a client comes to me and asks me to paint a mother she has lost, or a child that is full grown and now in college, a scene that needs to be hung on their wall to remind them daily of how happy they were when standing inside that very scene, then my whole heart is needed to accomplish that piece for them. You see I am not just mixing colors and paint and applying it to canvas. I am mixing emotions, memories, using tones and values that give the client that feeling of comfort or remembrance that is entirely needed to accomplish what art should do to be successful, and that is to touch my client’s souls and make them feel the beauty, love, sadness, happiness, hope, and simply to just feel what their body needs to through Art.